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Best Tech Grifts Ideas for Your Loved One Under $100
It's time to step up your gift game if you're reading this post chances are you are the resonant go to nerd in your family.So for you I've got a list of top tech under a hundred bucks.Let's start with chromecast ultra let's say like an Betty doesn't know how to use Apple TV she's not in Amazon's ecosystem and she thinks a Roku is something that she caught when she was younger.Chromecast ultra is going to be for her or for the anyone in your life that just wants a cast up from the phone right to their TV this new one lets you stream up to 4k Ultra HD content and HDR over your Wi-Fi network.It also support Ethernet if you prefer it really fast load times - compared to the $35 chromecast this one is definitely worth the extra money. We've got to know each other well over the years and I lose stuff and I did a video on this product a while back but the Tile slim put that sucker red in your wallet or your purse and you will not lose it.We've got one in a stroller for each of our kids I have got one of my wallet ones in my wife's purse it's got a really good app that works on both iOS or Android. Lets you just find things that you might miss.You can get stickers you can put double-sided tape on stick it to all kinds of things but if you're prone to misplacing things you got a friend or family member who just loses their stuff all the time. You're sitting getting that phone call can I borrow your credit card so I lost mine get in the title slim starting at just 30 bucks.This one I actually bought a few of them on Black Friday for $39.99 a low try to buy them now you're gonna probably see around 49/50 bucks this is the echo dot second-generation I was expecting too much the echo dot. I figured that small speaker was gonna sound really bad didn't have the little twirly thing on the top but the echo that I love but I've been really impressed the echo dot in fact my wife had just put in our bedroom use it as our alarm clock tells us the weather in the morning.It's a great thing to have really in any room if you want it to play music if you have a kid you want to play lullabies although. I did try to put it in my son's room when I woke up in the middle of the night with him saying Alexa tell me a joke over and over and over again so maybe don't put it in your kid's room we've been big fans of lifx for a while. The color-changing bulbs that are Wi-Fi and don't need a hub and they are back with the life x generation 3 + z which is an LED strip and it works really Well they've seen youtubers like us we've been envious of those colored strips that people are putting in backgrounds under their TVs.This is how they do it it's gonna cost you about 60 bucks the gen three bulbs are super bright in fact 1100 lumen 16 million colors and thousand shades from warm to cool whites so you can find the color that best suits you I've got four of these in my kitchen again.The best part for me is ...I don't need a hub to control them this next one is gonna be a little bit weird but it's a universal stand for your laptop but hear me out before you yell at me in in the comments. So it's a laptop dock it's by the Ike winix and it's called the Eden it's an aluminum laptops and you can adjust it for any notebook whose thickness can be all over the board from 10 millimeters which is 0.4 inches to 30 millimeters there's one point one eight inches.  It work like a MacBook Pro MacBook Air Dell XPS Universal dock I've got my laptop dock at the office.I like to have it sort of up it helps with fans and ventilation so it's not flat on the surface and you have to worry about one that's only gonna work with your computer it's Universal it works really well it looks nice it's got a rubber mats gonna protect the notebook and it's gonna cost you about 60 bucks .This is the Superboy it's gonna cost you $80 if you let you play your favorite Super Nintendo Super Famicom cartridges so you're not downloading anything you are just putting the cartridge directly into this portable thing it looks just like a big controller that's also has a built-in 3.5 inch LCD screen your chargeable lithium ion batteries to get five hours for gaming on the go.It's a fun in the stall jet portable console I've got one and I will admit that I waste more time that I probably should blank Super Mario World so that is our list in the top tech under 100 bucks there's something for everyone in there obviously there's a lot more tech.We could pick from but I want to pick some things that maybe you didn't see on every listing because I've legitimately bought things that we really use in the office if you liked this video give it a thumbs up to let us know be sure notifications are on so you get alerts every post something new so you don't miss anything until next time.Stun People with a good smart lock ..Some people have suggested that purchasing a smart lock offers no real benefit. However, when you think about the number of times you have misplaced or worried about misplacing your door keys, you will realize that such locks are a source of massive convenience.Moreover, while traditional locks can easily be tampered with, it’s harder for intruders to break into your house when you have a smart lock. After all, a pin or fingerprint lock cannot be manipulated.Additionally, these locks allow for superior connectivity among all your devices. Not only can you sync it with your phone, but you can also connect it to video surveillance to keep tabs on who comes to your house. Hence, you can create a holistic security system.Resources :https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/best-tech-under-100-dollars/https://www.cnet.com/holiday-gift-guide/under-100/https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/best-tech-under-100-dollars/http://10hightech.com/best-smart-lock/http://www.businessinsider.com/best-tech-gifts-under-100-dollars-holiday-gift-guide-2016https://www.tomsguide.com/us/lists/gift-ideashttps://www.pcmag.com/feature/339566/10-great-tech-gifts-under-100
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Top 10 Rare Languages Still Spoken In The World
Fancy yourself a linguist? Why not brush up on one of these obscure tongues? Welcome to Gratis-coins.blogspot.com and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Rare Languages Still Spoken Around in the World. For this list, we’re looking at the rarest “organic” languages, meaning those that arose naturally, and were not intentionally created – like Esperanto or Lincos – or created for TV or movies, like Klingon or Na'vi.See More:Top 10 Most Successful Supermodels of All Time10. Friulian While this Romance language is spoken by roughly 600,000 people worldwide, the vast majority of speakers are found in northern Italy near the Slovenian border. Related to Ladin (spelled with a “d”, not a “t”), the language took on its own identity over the centuries under the influence of Slovene, Italian, German, and Venetian.Oddly, despite originating deep in alpine Italy, the language is thought to be more similar to French in construction than Italian. Though once very much isolated to the province of Udine, poverty in that region has seen Friulian-speaking Italians move across the globe and generate more interest in the distinct language.9. TuyucaThis uncommon language is spoken by the Tuyuca, an indigenous people located near the Papurí, in Inambú and Tiquié rivers in South America. It is a polysynthetic language, meaning that complex words are created by staking simple words together, and as a result, it is notoriously hard to learn.With about 50 to 140 genders or noun classes, it is considered one of the most difficult languages in the world. You really have to be immersed in it daily to even begin to get it right. Not to mention that there are tones to worry about. So, unless you are one of the 500-1000 native speakers, good luck.8. Yupik Like in the previous entry, the Yupik lexicon is polysynthetic, and largely created with combinations. The new words can have very, very specific meanings. You can basically create sentences out of a single word. An often-cited example is, well, this word [“Tuntussuqatarniksaitengqiggtuq,”] which means “He had not yet said again that he was going to hunt reindeer.”It’s spoken by the Yupik peoples in Alaska and far eastern Russia, where more than 75% of the population is fluent in this language, or rather, some form of it. You see… “Yupik” isn’t one language but rather a collection of similar but distinct languages, one of which is actually extinct. 7. Pawnee Another polysynthetic language, this one is perhaps the big boss of them all. The language – spoken by Native Americans of the same name who reside predominantly in what is now Oklahoma – has a fairly simple alphabetical set up, with only eight vowels and nine consonants. However, most sentences will have at least one word with more than ten syllables, with some words containing as many as 30! With the number of native speakers shrinking as the population ages, the Pawnee Nation has developed programs to teach the language to youth and adults alike in hopes of saving it from extinction.6. Archi Spoken almost exclusively in the village of Archib and the six, smaller, nearby villages in southern Dagestan, Russia, this one is seriously rare. For a long time, there was no writing system, and it wasn’t until 2006 that a Cyrillic-based alphabet was created for this Northeast Caucasian language. It has a ton of phonemes (or distinguishing sounds), and an incredible morphological system, with many irregularities. For every verb root, there are over 1.5 million forms to be derived. And you thought your “Intro to Spanish” class was hard.5. PirahãAs a change of pace, here is a much simpler language. In fact, it is often thought to be one of the simplest languages in the world, with ten or less phonemes. Sometimes there are no words at all, only hums. It is also lacking many descriptors common in other languages.There don’t seem to be any words for colors, numbers, or past and future tenses. The language of the isolated Pirahã people of Brazil, it is the only remaining dialect of the Mura language, which once had a robust speaking population of 30-60,000, but has dwindled to just about 300 native speakers.4. Basque A language isolate, Basque is its own language family, and there is nothing else like it in the world. Basque speakers are mainly found near the western Pyrenees mountains, between Spain and France. Predating almost all Indo-European languages, the origins of Basque are shrouded in mystery.It was once even postulated that Basque dated back to prehistoric Europe, based off the theory that many of the words for various tools contained the root word for “stone,” suggesting a Stone Age beginning. This is now known as the Aizkora Controversy, and widely debated. The language was strongly discouraged during the Franco regime in Spain, but in the 1960s measures were taken to strengthen this ancient language.3. WelshDeveloping out of Common Brittonic, and likely arriving in Britain during either the Bronze or Iron Age, this Insular Celtic tongue has enjoyed a revival, thanks in large part to grassroot efforts to reclaim the language.Like many Celtic languages, by the 20th Century the populations of native speakers were dwindling sharply, in large part due to old English laws and practices that sought to wipe them out. In 2011, the ‘Welsh Language Measure’ granted this Brittonic language official status. This makes it the only other official language in Britain outside of English. Some words are a bit tricky, so you might need a little practice in order to achieve fluency, however.2. TaaOne of the many Khoisan languages, which incorporate clicks, Taa is spoken by native peoples living Botswana and to a much lesser degree, Namibia. It is perhaps most famous for being the language with likely the most number of phonemes, as it incorporates not only vowel and consonant sounds, but also many clicks, and tones within those clicks.It is the closest living relative, so to speak, to the traditional South African “Nǁng” language, which, sadly, is all but extinct, with only three native speakers left as of 2013. Despite its sound range, Taa is assembled in a common Subject-Verb-Object agreement – the sentence structure shared by many other languages, including English, French, and Chinese.1. Silbo GomeroThis incredible language is composed entirely of whistles. The rising and falling pitches replace words completely, with the quick trills constructing full sentences. In its native location on the Canary Islands, the people developed it as a way to quickly send messages up and down the mountainous terrain.Done right, it can be heard up to 3 miles away! Long before the days of cellphones, it was a quick way to send invitations, public announcements, or just to ask if someone had seen persons x, y, or z. Of course, everyone else can hear your message, so maybe keep any mean tweets to yourself, right?
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Top 10 Most Successful Supermodels of All Time
These women are rich, beautiful, and known around the world. Welcome to Gratis-coins.blogspot.com and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Successful Supermodels of All Time.For this list, we’re looking at the most successful, popular and/or recognizable female supermodels who strutted their stuff on the runways and graced the covers of magazines between the 1980s and the 2010s.See More :Top 10 Rare Languages Still Spoken Around in the World10. Alessandra AmbrosioBorn in Brazil and with Italian and Polish ancestry, Alessandra Ambrosio got her first taste of the profession when she enrolled in modeling classes at age 12. With that knowledge and her undeniable good looks, the teen went on to grace the cover of Brazilian Elle magazine and book the Millennium GUESS? Campaign in the 1990s.While she walked for designers like Givenchy and Christian Dior, she is most known for being a Victoria Secret Angel - and particularly as the PINK line’s first spokesmodel. In 2012, Forbes named her one the world’s top 10 highest-paid models.9. ImanSomalia-born Iman’s tall, slim figure, long neck and smooth brown skin first caught the eye of an American photographer while she was in university in the 1970s. It wasn’t long before she nabbed the cover of Vogue magazine and strutted her stuff on the catwalk for celebrated designers like Yves Saint Laurent.While breaking barriers in the fashion industry with her exotic looks, Iman found herself working with many well-known designers and photographers, ranging from Gianni Versace and Calvin Klein to Helmut Newton and Annie Leibovitz. She also became involved with film, charity and cosmetics and was married David Bowie from 1992 until his death in 2016.8. Christie BrinkleyWith her blond hair, blue eyes, winning smile and slender build, Christie Brinkley embodied the all-American female ideal. Discovered in the early ‘70s by an American photographer, it wasn’t long before she was signed to a modeling agency and nabbed a CoverGirl partnership that would last over two decades.In the late ‘70s-early ‘80s, Brinkley would become the first model to cover Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for three straight years. While this led to successful calendars and numerous other contracts, Brinkley’s pop culture status was truly cemented with her role in the box office hit, “National Lampoon’s Vacation” and her high-profile marriage to Billy Joel in the 1980s.7. Heidi KlumThis German supermodel has become synonymous with “THE runway” after becoming host, judge and executive producer of the TV ratings phenomenon known as Project Runway. However, long before Heidi Klum topped Forbes’ list of highest-earning models in 2008, she was already a legit icon while younger women were still learning the business.She became a sex symbol through Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues and her time with Victoria Secret, as well as a pop-culture superstar through appearances in numerous films and TV shows. As the ultimate renaissance woman of the 2000s, Heidi Klum is the fine wine of supermodels.6. Claudia SchifferWhile she stood out for her 5’11’’ long frame, blonde locks and baby blues, Claudia Schiffer really made a splash after slipping into a pair of Guess? Jeans in the early 1990s. While she was featured in magazines like British Vogue and Playboy, this native of Germany became one of the industry’s highest paid models after she bagged a 10 year-contract with Revlon for about $6 million annually.She also made history as the first model on several notable non-fashion publications, such as “Rolling Stone.” She then continued her success by showing off her athletic build with several best-selling workout videos.5. Christy TurlingtonTurlie’s striking features are due in part to her El Salvadorean mother, which helped get her discovered by a photographer when she was just a teen going to high school in the U.S. The brunette beauty soon cemented her place as one of the “Trinity” – along with Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista - after becoming a model for designers like Calvin Klein and the face of Maybelline Cosmetics.When she wasn’t parading the runways with her tall and lean figure, Christy Turlington kept busy building a reputation as one of the industry’s most professional models.4. Adriana LimaBy 2010, this Brazilian bombshell had been a Victoria’s Secret Angel for a full decade. And Adriana Lima’s continued demand in the 2010s is a testament to her popularity and talent. As the face of the Marc Jacobs’ “Decadence” campaign and “Vogue Eyewear” while in her early 30s, she has not only defied industry standards, but has also retained her status one of the highest-paid models in the world.Even if you’re somewhat detached from the modeling scene, you’ll probably recognize Adriana for her massively successful Super Bowl ads, most notably with Teleflora. If supermodels have a to-do list, then Lima has certainly been there, done that – and more.3. Gisele BündchenGisele’s history of catwalk carnage is sprawling and vast. She’s known as the “Boobs from Brazil” and innovated the horse walk, which marked a new era for the modeling industry. Gisele kicked off the 2000s by signing a record-breaking deal to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel and by 2009, “The Independent” had called her “the biggest star in fashion history.”She’s not only regarded as the ultimate supermodel by many of her peers, but also as one of the most powerful women in the entertainment industry. We salute you, Gisele Bündchen, and you are cordially invited to blow our minds forever.2. Naomi CampbellEver since she was a teen, Naomi Campbell turned heads with her unique looks, which were the product of an African and Chinese-Jamaican background. Oozing sultriness wherever she goes, she covered British Elle before turning 16 years of age. But Campbell really made history when she became the first black model to appear on the cover of French Vogue.She completed the supermodel “Trinity” by becoming one of the most sought-after women in fashion, despite her outspoken personality and a reputation for being hard to work with. Campbell was also one of the “Big Six” of the supermodel world along with Schiffer, Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, and Kate Moss.1. Cindy CrawfordWith her all-American good looks and an extremely fit and trim figure, it didn’t take long for Cindy Crawford to take the modeling world by storm. Dropping out of university to pursue the profession full-time, she signed with an agency in the mid-80s and soon covered multiple magazines and found herself on many catwalks.Meanwhile, her brown hair and eyes, as well as her trademark mole, enhanced Crawford’s worldwide fame and appeal. In 1995, Forbes declared her the business’ highest paid model, which is no surprise considering she already had several years under her belt as the original host of MTV’s “House of Style” and had spawned several global trends with her fashion choices.
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