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Wir wollen mit unseren News, Artikeln und Infos einen Beitrag leisten zum Umweltschutz, damit auch unsere Kinder die Wunder dieses Planeten erleben können. Planet4Life - Jetzt handeln.
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Do not steal
You might wonder from time to time: How do I get to know God better? How can I get closer to Him? One way is definitely listen to Him. You can listen to Him by reading His words. His words are written in the Bible. And within the Bible you will find His rules: the […]
10.01.2018 - 11:14:11
A book with 365 pages
A new year. Another year of separation. But a new year is also a chance. Imagine, if this year is like a book with 365 pages and you are the writer, make it a good book. For the year to come I wish you all the best. I wish you a never-ending yearning for wisdom. […]
01.01.2018 - 00:01:08
Don’t buy firecrackers for New Year’s Eve
Firecrackers are not good. They are not good for your and your neighbors health. They are not good for the environment. They are not good for your wallet. Firecrackers produce particulate matter. The amount of particulate matter produced by firecrackers in just one night at New Year’s Eve is equivalent to the amount of particulate […]
30.12.2017 - 10:45:17
Small Distance
It is not easy to write these words. I am here; and you are there. No room, no time can seperate us; ’cause true Love is stronger than life. Your small beating hearts; your tiny hands in mine; embraces played big parts. All memories of our time. Memories keep the distance small. Tears, as signs […]
24.12.2017 - 00:05:05
Don’t waste food
There are so many people in this world suffering. They are suffering, because they have nothing to eat. I also made this experience this year. I can tell you, it is one of the worst feelings you can have. In our western society it is common to throw away food; just like that. On the […]
17.12.2017 - 12:10:06
Building a Solar Dryer
Wouldn’t it be perfect, if we can harvest fruits and veggies in our own garden the whole year through? Well, in some countries this is possible; but not in every country. In general I would say, you have warm summers and colder winters, which makes it more difficult to grow plants during winter times. Today […]
12.12.2017 - 17:24:43
Crop Rotation for your Veggie Garden
Every garden needs a little bit of organisation. Before planing your own veggie garden, you need to be aware that there are basically two types of crops: the ones which are taking nutrition out of the soil, and the ones which are putting nutrition into the soil. So when you divide your veggie garden into […]
09.12.2017 - 07:12:11
Go out and look for your next adventure
Our time in this life is limited. So why wasting it with materialistic stuff that is of no value? Electronics for instance that are just being used for entertainment; for distracting you from what is really important in life. Don’t listen to others. Don’t see others as an example. Don’t follow the majority. Refuse such […]
05.12.2017 - 18:40:12
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